Update My Information

Good News—We've Improved Our Site!


We have streamlined the process by which students are admitted to The American College's Alumni Association. Rather than signing up, membership is awarded automatically to students upon registration into the last course of their designation.

Additionally, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows The American College to release information about current and former students to other people, organizations, and agencies, such as http://www.designationcheck.com/. However, under FERPA, you have the right to control the release of certain information. To update your FERPA Privacy Settings, follow these easy steps:

 1.  Click here to access your Student Account.

2.   Under the “Online Resources” pane, select “Privacy Settings”.

3.   Click “Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions”.  This will allow you to make updates to your settings.

4.   You’ll see two checkboxes.  Based on the selections in each category, your information will be released or restricted.  If you would like your information to be displayed in search results, select “Yes, make my name searchable”.  If you wish to be removed from the directory, uncheck that box.  If you select “Please remove me from the Alumni Assn” this will remove you from the public listing but also remove you from all Alumni-specific communications and the Alumni Association as a whole.

5.   Click "save," and your selections will be stored.

*Please allow 24 hours for your information to be updated on designationcheck.com