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Surprising Retirement Survey Results Exposed

Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College, and esteemed researcher and writer on the subject of retirement income planning, discusses how retiring Americans can use the equity they have earned in their homes as a liquid source of income during retirement. Despite reverse mortgages having a bad reputation, recently published research now indicates how financially responsible individuals can improve their retirement sustainability with a reverse mortgage.

While most financial services advisors are mainly focused on wealth accumulation, the larger objective should be on recognizing how retirement income today requires a whole new set of tools as people look to transform their assets into income for life. This is especially true for individuals who hold a disproportionate amount of their overall wealth in the form of home equity. What a reverse mortgage can do is increase a retiree’s flexibility to meet spending objectives by integrating an otherwise illiquid asset into an overall framework for how to best spend down assets in retirement. You can read Wade’s entire blog post here.

Surprising Retirement Survey Results Exposed

Surprising Retirement Survey Results Exposed: Americans Received a Failing Grade

A newly released study from The American College reveals deficiencies in retirement income literacy. Survey respondents (ages 60 to 75 with $100,000 or more in assets) were asked questions about 11 different areas relevant to retirement income planning.

“We were surprised by just how bad the results were, given that we focused on the group that would be in most need of this information. Only 20% received a passing grade of 60% correct, and the average score was only 42%,” said Dave Littell, JD, ChFC®, CFP®, and Director of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income at The American College. On January 14th, Dave Littell hosted a webcast where he discussed the details of the survey and the importance of these findings for financial advisors.

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The 2015 Women’s Leadership Academy Summit Comes to San Antonio, TX!

Be bold: Take Charge of Your Success is the theme to this year’s Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) Summit, taking place on May 5th-7th, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. The WLA Summit is an industry leading educational conference where a select group of women from top financial services companies come together to learn about leadership best practices, and increase their professional network. The WLA Summit features personalized leadership assessment, motivational keynote speakers, and rigorous breakout workshops in small classroom group settings. Further event details and registration to come,
so stay tuned…

For questions regarding the Summit, please email: WomensCenter@TheAmericanCollege.edu
or call Christella Louis at: 610-526-1599

Good News on Interest Rates in 2015

Tips on How to Grow Lead Generation in 2015

In a recent article on MainStreet.com, many industry experts, including The American College president, Dr. Bob Johnson, CFA®, CAIA®, continue to anticipate only a modest rise in interest rates later in 2015. Even with small increases in interest rates over time, consumers will still have significant advantages in borrowing at historically low rates, and any rate increases should be manageable. While savings and income vehicles such as bonds and CDs are still paying very low returns now, a gradual return to more normal interest rates will begin to ease pressure on income-oriented savers as well.

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The 2015 Women’s Leadership Academy Summit Comes to San Antonio, TX!

Since The College was founded in 1927, there have only been nine presidents throughout its history. That says a great deal about the leaders that are chosen, and about the nature of The American College’s educational principles. This is an institution that has proven its dedication to the industry, and to the evolution of the financial services profession as a whole. Since the election of current president, Bob Johnson, a new goal has been made: to learn how The American College is viewed within our industry and how we can improve upon that image.

To make this goal a reality, Bob Johnson is planning a tour with stops across the country to meet current students and alumni. Below is a list of his first two stops on the tour:

Date City Location
February 12, 2015 Dallas Park City Club
February 26, 2015 Philadelphia Pyramid Club

This is a great opportunity to learn about what The College is doing now, and share your perspective for how we can shape a more productive future! Come and enjoy a wonderful networking event with fellow alumni and participate in this historic time for The American College.

Watch for Bob’s tour coming soon to your city! To register, please contact Emily Tullis at: 610-526-1427, or email her at: Emily.Tullis@TheAmericanCollege.edu

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