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The Wall Street Journal names the RICP a Designation to Look For.
  Recently, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article recognizing the challenges facing consumers looking to swim their way through the muddied waters of advisor credentials, particularly in the retirement and retirement income planning space. In addition to recognizing the need to look for advisors with the CFP® and/or ChFC® credentials, the WSJ spoke to the relevance of The American College's Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation, particularly for folks nearing their retirement.
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Curriculum Changes Are Coming

Join us for a webcast, hosted by Craig Lemoine, PhD, CFP®, Associate Professor of Financial Planning and Keith Hickerson, MSM, Executive Vice President at The American College, on July 1st, 2015 at 1PM EST. During the webcast Craig and Keith will discuss the implications of this change, how it will benefit our students, and key facts you need to know about the transition.

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6 Reasons to Consider Buying Longevity Insurance
  Why did I sell that stock just before it went up 50%? Why did I continue to hold onto a stock as it slowly, dropped to zero? The answers are explained in behavioral finance, the study of why people make less than optimal financial decisions.

The first question is likely to be a function of availability bias. Average investors don’t have access to (or interest in) detailed financial information about the stock they own. However, they do have access to headlines. Headlines report on the imminent coming of the end of the financial world, as we know it. I don’t remember where I heard this great quote: “The press has successfully predicted 18 of the last three recessions.” The availability of the extreme information pushes us to make poor decisions.

The second question is the opposite of the first. Holding onto an investment as it erodes away to a shadow of its former self, or nothing, can be a result of overconfidence or the disposition effect. The belief that they are right, even in the face of real information to the contrary, blinds overconfident investors. The more interesting reason for holding onto falling stock is the disposition effect. When someone avoids selling a declining asset, not because it might go back up, but because the loss is somehow not real without the sale, we see the disposition effect.

We are supposed to make decisions that optimize our financial situation, but we see that sometimes we can get in our own way.

Behavioral Finance is covered in greater detail as part of the ChFC® curriculum.
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  The State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services hosted the Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) Summit in San Antonio, TX, May 5-7th. Our theme was Be Bold: Take Charge of Your Success. We were delighted to welcome three dynamic speakers to our main stage. Below are some key takeaways from their presentations.

Dr. Lois Frankel, New York Times bestselling author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, kicked off the WLA Summit as the keynote speaker for the opening luncheon with her presentation, Leadership is a Woman’s Art.
  • There is a difference between managers and leaders; leaders take people where they otherwise could not go on their own
  • If you’re going to sit at the table, BE at the table
  • Quit bein’ a nice girl; nice is necessary for success but it’s not the only thing
Lois Frankel

On day two, Dr. Quinetta Roberson, Professor of Management at Villanova University presented on The Art of Negotiation: Bending Towards Yes.
  • Leadership is a capacity for using power for career and organizational objectives. Power is about one’s ability to influence and get things done outside of traditional reporting lines. Therefore, the person with the influence
    has the power
  • Blueprint your approach; Establish trust; Negotiate on interests; Develop an integrative perspective
  • Set your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
Finally, Karyl Innis, Career Coach and Brandmaster at The Innis Company, closed out the event with The New Brand: You!
  • What 3 words describe you?
  • Your personal brand is the place YOU occupy in the decision maker’s mind relative to all others
  • First Impressions = 55% Visual, 38% Vocal and 7% Verbal
If you missed the event, check out our photo gallery
For more information about the Women's Center and the Women's Leadership Academy, email us at WomensCenter@TheAmericanCollege.edu
or call 610-526-1599.

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