Who We Are

Dedicated to lifelong learning, communications and recognition, The American College Alumni Association serves more than 60,000 members who take advantage of this free membership. As a designee, or degree holder, you are entitled to all the benefits our organization provides.

We Provide Learning Opportunities

The Association strives to provide lifelong learning opportunities such as:

We Strive to Recognize Exceptional Alumni

We Increase College Awareness

Your College is continually working to promote the achievements of our graduates, as well as the designations that they hold. Increasing not only industry awareness, but also client recognition of your accomplishments is a priority of The American College's Alumni Association.

Outlets that the Alumni Association uses to increase awareness are:

We Provide Benefits for Alumni Association Members

Membership in The Alumni Association is completely free to graduates. To learn more about how membership works, please visit our Membership page. The rewards and benefits of becoming a member of The College’s Alumni Association include: