President's Message

As The American College celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, I am reminded of the institution’s rich history and remarkable leadership in helping more than 160,000 alumni better secure the financial future of our country.

It is with great pride that I have accepted the position of President of The American College Alumni Association. This organization has made significant strides in supporting alumni and promoting the value of The College, particularly under the leadership of the most recent presidents, Jayne Schiff, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, REBC® and Sal Farina, MSM, CLU®, CLF®, ChFC®.  Thank you, Jayne, Sal and your Boards for growing the Alumni Association to the strong, 38,000-member organization that it is today!

My goals for advancing the Alumni Association include building a robust group of dedicated volunteers to comprise our Board of Advisors. With leadership development initiatives, this Board can be as integral to The College’s future as its Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors.

In addition, we hope to add new incentives and promote the tangible benefits associated with membership in our Alumni Association. Students directly experience the value of The College’s education, but our alumni don’t always understand the opportunities inherent in staying connected through the Alumni Association years after attaining their designations and degrees. An associated goal is continuing to bring The College to its alumni around the country. Our 2011 Alumni Tour stops in Dallas and Washington, D.C. were room-filling educational and networking events. The positive feedback confirms that an even stronger schedule for 2012 will be just as well-received.

These goals all aim to grow membership and participation in the Alumni Association. Our initiatives would not be possible without the support of my Board of Advisors, vice presidents and committee chairs.

I am excited to serve you as President of the Alumni Association and I hope to strengthen the connection between The American College and its alumni. I look forward to receiving your suggestions on how best to engage these successful financial professionals who we are proud to call alumni of The American College.

Mickey Rosenzweig, CLU®, ChFC®
President, The American College Alumni Association